Have you heard lots about wristbands but do not know which one to choose? We can provide you a detailed knowledge on different types of wristbands. You might even be curious autism fundraiser idea to know if wrist band is same as that of a wristwatch of a bracelet which encircles your wrist. Therefore, have a look at the questionnaire below in order to clarify all the doubts about wristbands.

bands of americaQ. How will I understand that it is a wristband and not a bracelet or wristwatch?
A. The manner of wearing a wristband is same as that of a wristwatch or Make Your Own Rubber Bracelet a bracelet because it is worn around the wrist of an individual. However, color pink one distinctive difference is that while bracelets and wristwatches are mostly made from metallic objects , wristbands are made out of a range of materials. Customers can even ask for customised Wristbands that will be manufactured from the materials preferred by them.

Q. Is an awareness bracelet a variety of wristband?
Ans. Yes, an awareness bracelet is just a different variety of wristband that is worn in order to spread awareness about a cause, an incident, or an event. Most of these awareness wristbands are made from silicone. In addition, it is mandatory that an awareness bracelet must comprise of the logo or the tagline of the company, individual or the agency who is spreading the awareness.

Q. Is there a type of wristband that is sensitive to sunlight?
Ans. Yes, it is right. Some wristbands are manufactured by companies specializing in custom bracelets Band Merchandise UK, USA or elsewhere that are sensitive to the UV rays of the sunlight. The sensitive particles embedded in the silicon tape of these wristbands change color wherever they come in contact with UV rays. For instance, they become white when they are out of contact from UV rays. Similarly, they change their color to fuchsia or blue when they come in contact with UV rays. Actually, these wristbands are meant for people who have been medically advised to stay out of contact with UV rays. Therefore, you can refer these wristbands as medical bands.

Q. Is there any other type of medical band other than UV sensitive wristband?
Ans. Yes, there is another variety of wristband which is specifically meant for patients. Wristbands like these do not have any aesthetic appeal as such, but are primarily used to denote patients in a hospital on the basis of their undergoing treatments. Sometimes, these hospital wristbands are also strapped around the wrists of patients who suffer from certain types of illnesses or have allergy to certain types of drugs. Hospital wristbands are also tied on newborn babies as mark of identification and segregation from that of other newborn babies who are admitted in the same hospital or the same ward.

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