thiểu năng tuần hoàn nãoTalk rối loạn tiền đình with consultant LATIGG Hung said, "I have had a family good tuberculosis more than six years ago. Back again then, I used to work day and nighttime, work overtime at nighttime, night and night. Slowly but surely, his health deteriorated. Following that time, I was more dizzy. Accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, pain, difficulty eating and sleep problems,...

Thought of staying up late and body damaged, his wife drowned, buy more food to caution for themselves. By the time, my figure is also stronger. I support the symptoms of sleeping disorders and headaches. My better half also out of the drug store bought myself some blood medicine because I thought I was brain dysfunction.

After a period of rest, taking medicine and wife tonic, I believe better health. I actually also returned to work as usual.

The disease persists

However, sometimes severe headaches still find themselves. And the most especially the symptoms of tinnitus that haunted me personally for years are not over. At times, the tinnitus is merely slightly, audio like a baby in the ear. But sometimes, I heard a high in volume buzz in my ear canal. Frequently people say that they can not listen to clearly.
In the clinic, a doctor says normal health.

Actually, I felt very insecure, I do not understand what will be themselves.

At one time delicately look at the article How to distinguish cerebral insufficiency and vestibular disorders on roiloantiendinh. com website I just know the manifestation which i is experiencing is the indication of vestibular disorders. We are also careful to see more information anywhere else.

As soon as We know that I have always been sick and tired of what I do not know how expressing how. It turns away that I have treated the disease for too long. Thao never seen the entire body healthy.

Regain health and life

I contacted the company and ordered a drug package. Taking medication for more than two weeks, my tinnitus is reduced by 50-60%. The dizziness, dizziness or appearance prior to the decline also. Keep working at it drink the first and then order more. Just after 3 hours have I recovered completely. The health can be regular and you will rest assured that you will carry on and work and care for your loved ones.

Pondering back thankfully while i attained the Crown and company. Thank you very much during the course of his healing was always enthusiastic and dedicated to his. It's the surge of health experts in the early days that they have reassurance, confidence and persistence to stay to treat.

Thank you and LATIGG company very much.

Registered by the words of Mr. Vo Van Installed (Tan Binh District - Ho Chi Minh City)

Live well - live happy!

Le Thi Thu Thanh

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